Go green with SFN e-Statements! Signing up for e-Statements provides you with many advantages over traditional paper statements. Check out the features and benefits below.

  • They're free!
  • All e-Statements will be available until your loan is paid in full. You'll never have to worry about locating a paper statement again!
  • Print out or save e-Statements on your computer or device
  • Go green with e-Statements—a great way to help conserve the environment!
  • Cuts down on clutter in your home
  • Improves security by being electronic and not going through the mail
  • Minimizes identity theft

Need help or more information? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS (it's fast and easy!):
  1. Log-in to the SFN Portal
  2. Click on Go Paperless across the top bar
  3. Click on the e-Statement Agreement to review the Terms and Conditions
  4. Click on the Agree Button to accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. Enjoy your new e-Statements located under the Statements & Documents tab
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